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The 2012 Presidential Election

Barack Obama 1 4 5 4 11/2* Life Path/3 Attitude Destiny Number 1


Joe Biden 7 3 1 2 20/2* Life Path/4 Attitude Destiny Number 8


Mitt Romney 2 6 8 3 27/9* Life Path/6 Attitude Destiny Number 6


Paul Ryan 5 4 9 2 11/2* Life Path /3 Attitude Destiny Number 1


Note:The * signifies the Life Path Number

For the last three Presidential Elections, I have been able to successfully predict the winner by the Numbers. When I take a look at the Presidential Candidates and their running mates, I am able to see which Numerology Charts are stronger as a team, and in a better Cycle to win.

I must say that the World Number 5 (2012=2+0+1+2=5) is wreaking some havoc on this particular Election cycle. The 5 Energy promotes drama and unexpected mischief, so, with this in mind, by the Numbers, here are my Numerology insights:

To begin with, it was important for me to see who Mitt Romney would choose as his running mate. When Paul Ryan was selected, I studied their Numbers as a team, which looked pretty good on paper. The Number 2 is a very supportive Energy, and can be helpful to a person if they are in a team situation.

Paul Ryan is born on a 2 Day, is a 11/2 Life Path, and has a 3 Attitude. The Numbers that are very Compatible to his Energy are 3, 6, and 9. Romney was born on a 3 Day, is a 9 Life Path, and has a 6 Attitude. Romney also has a 2 in his Soul, which means he feels comfortable in his very soul about having Ryan as his running mate.

In that way, Romney made a good decision in choosing Ryan as his running mate. It is interesting to note that Joe Biden is born on a 2 Day, and is a 20/2 Life Path which gives him a double 2 energy, just like Paul Ryan. Both of these men have no problem supporting someone they respect. So I believe both the President and Romney have picked good running mates, and because they both have the double 2, it makes them a wash in this race.

Then, I took a look at Barack Obama's chart. At the beginning of this year when I talked to George Noory on Coast to Coast radio, I said that Obama was going into a Personal Year of 8, and because the World Number was 5 this year, and Obama is a 11/2 Life Path, I knew he was in for the fight of his life, and that there was no way this Election season would run smoothly for him. Anybody who has watched this Election cycle knows there have been many highs and lows for President Obama.

Obama's Destiny Number is a 1, his Life Path Number ultimately reduces down to a 2, and when you add those two Numbers together, you get the Maturity Number, and in his case, his Maturity Number is a 3 (1+2=3). I see the Numbers 1, 2, 3 in Numerology as magical. When you have these numbers, it means almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it. That, of course, is a strong positive for Obama.

I did some research looking at the previous 2 Life Path Presidents, and they were Bill Clinton( an 11/2 Life Path ) and Ronald Reagan( a 20/2 Life Path). Both Presidents got two terms in their Presidency. When I checked the approval ratings of those men in the October right before their second Election, I found they both had 56% approval rating( from the very reputable Gallup poll). Obama currently has a 53% approval rating in this month of October according to Gallup as of this writing. That makes his approval rating a little lower than Clinton and Reagan's, but I'd still say it gives him an edge in this contest.

Then I went back to Mitt Romney's Numerology. I noticed an interesting Number pattern there as well. Romney is a 27/9 Life Path, which is the Natural leader and humanitarian. Those who know him personally would say that is very true about him. Romney's Destiny Number is a 6, and the 6 is the one who feels called to rescue and help other people.

We all remember that when the Olympics were upside down and losing money, Romney took over and made them a 100 million dollar profit. This year, Romney is in a Personal Year of 2, which is all about dealing with your emotions. People have often said in the past that Romney seemed stiff and robotic. Yet, after the first debate on Oct. 3rd, people were able to see him as a human being and in addition, a man with an actual sense of humor ( he was born on a 3 day which encourages humor).

Next year Obama will go into a Personal Year of 9, which usually means clearing your space for new beginnings. Romney goes into a Personal Year of 3, which is all about communication. So, I look at those Numbers and wonder What is Romney going to be talking about if he is not President? And What space is Obama clearing if he is staying in the White House?

So as you can see, comparing these two men and their Numerology charts is a little more complicated.That also explains to me why they are so neck and neck in this race.

The Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are all Naturally Matched in Numerology. When Romney's Life Path Number is reduced to one digit, he is a 9 Life Path- next year he will be in a Personal Year of 3, and his Destiny Number is a 6. The World Number will also be a 6 next year( 2013=2+0+1+3=6). All of that bodes well for whatever happens in Romney's life next year.

Here the plot thickens: In this month of October, Romney is in a Personal Month of 3, which makes it possible for him to communicate effectively. Next month, he goes into a Personal Month of 4, which is a challenge to him, and could be a little more difficult. Obama is currently in a Personal Month of 9, and next month goes into a Personal Month of 1, which is all about doing whatever it takes to win.

The actual day of the Election is 11/6/2012. If I were to look at my Numerology Calendar, it would be a "Sunny day" Symbol for Obama, and a "Sun With the Cloud Symbol" for Romney. That is why I have concluded that Obama has a slight edge in winning his Election.

However, keeping all the Numerology information I have laid out in this Newsletter, and the fact that the World Number 5 promotes "Change", if I wake up the day after the Election, and find that Romney is the new President elect, you won't see a surprised look on my face.

I'll tell you what will SURPRISE me on Election Day!! If that day 11/6/2012 goes smoothly, and there are no problems at the polling stations, and people are not making accusations about voter fraud etc. I will be SHOCKED. I am confident, that no matter what happens on that day, we should all grab our bag of popcorn and keep our eyes WIDE OPEN.

Special note:

Whether you are an Obama supporter or a Romney supporter, this is one of those Elections that is so close (even in Numerology), your vote is going to COUNT!! I think it's tragic that we as a country think it is Okay to vilify political candidates, just because we do not agree with their political views.

We should look at these men for what they offer, and what kind of difference they can make in our lives. You may not like their political positions, but judging by their Numbers, neither one of them is the Devil- I promise! :)

if you have been following this election at all, you also know these two men have very different ideas about where to take this country next.
So as I said, be sure to get out there and VOTE!!

***This article was originally written on 10/21/2012***